Explosive Remnants of War Consulting Services, L.L.C.
ERW Consulting Services, L.L.C.
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"Explosive remnants of war" or "ERW" is a term used to describe all explosive threats remaining in post-conflict environment. This includes landmines, cluster bombs, cluster munitions, sub munitions,
grenades, projectiles. Rocket propelled grenades (RPG), barrage rockets, aircraft rockets land and air launched missiles, bombs,  pyrotechnics, small arms ammunition, sea mines, torpedoes,  boobytrap
devices, and improvised explosive devises (IED)
"Unexploded Ordnance" or "UXO" are those munitions that have been deployed but did not detonate as designed.  UXO may remain in a dangerous
condition for decades and may become more unstable with exposure to environmental conditions.
ERW Consulting Services is a team of
highly experienced professionals from the
humanitarian and commercial landmine and
unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance and
disposal industry.  

We are offering our experience in risk
management, threat analysis, logistics planning,
operational planning and implementation to
organizations wishing to pursue opportunities in
post-conflict environments

ERW Consulting provides services to "end user"
clients such as resource exploration and
development, Humanitarian Aid and other
non-governmental organizations, who have need
of professional assistance in mitigating the
physical risks to personnel and materials posed
by explosives hazards

We are also offering our experience in business
development in the international marketplace for
ERW companies wishing to expand into this
dynamic and lucrative marketplace.