The map above illustrates countries that are seriously effected by ERW
contamination and have ongoing clearance activities.  As seen in this map, the threat
of ERW encompasses both the industrialized and developing nations of the world.
Explosive Remnants of War Consulting Services, L.L.C.
Countries Affected by ERW Contamination
The table to the left reflects the
number of ERW victims as
reported to humanitarian aid
organizations such as the UN
and the International Committee
of the Red Cross during the
period from 2000- 2009.
It is believed that many casualties
go unreported due to lack of
communications with remote
areas and by the countries that
have ERW victims but either do
not contribute data or understate
casualty information.

It is estimated that actual ERW
casualties number in the tens of
thousands per year.
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"Explosive remnants of war" or "ERW" is a term used to describe all explosive threats remaining in post-conflict environment. This includes landmines, cluster bombs, cluster munitions, sub munitions,
grenades, projectiles. Rocket propelled grenades (RPG), barrage rockets, aircraft rockets land and air launched missiles, bombs,  pyrotechnics, small arms ammunition, sea mines, torpedoes,  boobytrap
devices, and improvised explosive devises (IED)
"Unexploded Ordnance" or "UXO" are those munitions that have been deployed but did not detonate as designed.  UXO may remain in a dangerous
condition for decades and may become more unstable with exposure to environmental conditions.