Our ERW field staff is composed of explosive ordnance
disposal technicians that have each spent a minimum of 5
years managing battle area and landmine clearance in
post conflict environments.

These technicians are amongst a very small cadre who
can and have performed the full range of functions
involved in ERW clearance activities; from country visits
for operations planning to managing clearance teams;
working closing with clients such as the Department of
State, Department of Defense, United Nations Mine Action
Service, World Food Program, International Committee for
Missing Persons, Slovenian Trust Fund, as well as
national authorities and local community leaders.
Our ERW staff are all graduates of developed nation’s
explosive ordnance disposal schools and are selected
based on their extensive experience in clearance
operations worldwide.
Explosive Remnants of War Consulting Services, L.L.C.
ERW Consulting Services, L.L.C.
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"Explosive remnants of war" or "ERW" is a term used to describe all explosive threats remaining in post-conflict environment. This includes landmines, cluster bombs, cluster munitions, sub munitions,
grenades, projectiles. Rocket propelled grenades (RPG), barrage rockets, aircraft rockets land and air launched missiles, bombs,  pyrotechnics, small arms ammunition, sea mines, torpedoes,  boobytrap
devices, and improvised explosive devises (IED)
"Unexploded Ordnance" or "UXO" are those munitions that have been deployed but did not detonate as designed.  UXO may remain in a dangerous
condition for decades and may become more unstable with exposure to environmental conditions.